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Description brand new and high quality Features: LCD display with bright blue background light LCD display show the time AM/PM, Month, Data, Day, and Temperature (C/F) Key button function: MODE: Enter into alarm setting. you can use it with 'SET' key to set hour and minute. use 'UP'& 'Down' key to increase or decrease the number. SET: Can set Time, Month, Date with 'UP'& 'DOWN' Key. UP: To incr...
Empire is a young carpet python, unsexed, currently 3-4 feet long. He can be handled relatively easily, but like most carpet pythons, will occasionally bite, and needs regular handling to keep this to a min. He is currently eating frozen/thawed mice. His adoption payment is $65. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an adoption form on-line at http://www.acritterschance.org/Adopt.h...
Benny is a male veiled chameleon. Approximate hatch date is April 2016. He is very lovely and would be a nice pet to look at. He hates being handled and will bite and hiss, so he is not a good choice for children or anyone who wants to hold their pet. Chameleons primarily eat insects that should be dusted with calcium and require UVB lighting. Benny will need a mister or drip system since chame...
Bertie is a Ball Python (unsexed). She was found as a stray completely covered in scars, which have slowly healed; they get better with each shed. Because of the rough life that she's had, she can be very timid when you 1st get her out of the cage, but she will quickly calm down and start exploring. She is currently eating live mice. Like many ball pythons, she can be a picky eater and has gone...
Lou is an fully grown Hogg Island boa, approx eight years old, unsexed. He is just over 6ft long and very docile. He is eating frozen/thawed rats. His adoption payment is $80. If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an adoption form on-line at http://www.acritterschance.org/Adopt.html. We adopt to homes in Indiana and nearby states only. We DO NOT ship our animals.
Everything is almost brand new just got ball python parents don t want them
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